Hey guys! I rarely come to you guys for help but I figure this is something kind of important to me so I may as well take a shot at it.

My “school’s” prom this year, is off-site. And I put “school’s” in quotation because since it’s off-site, they refuse to have anything to do…

This is for my prom too guys and really anything would help! It would mean the world to all of us. 

Hey guys, this is my prom as well. It would mean the world to all of us and our graduating class if you all could donate even the smallest amount of money. We want to have an amazing prom for everyone, please help us!!

I was in love; he wasn’t.
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brand new // seventy times 7
(dunno if anyone’s uploaded these lyrics so here they are and i fucking love them)


MØ | Glass

Tigers Jaw - Nervous Kids (x)

dark pale